Established in 2017, Quality is Our Priority!


Orbital Water Consulting is managed and operated by 19 years experienced chemist specialized in water purification for industrial, residential and commercial. Our staff focuses in our hundred percent quality promise while educating our customers to help them make the right equipment selection.





Orbital Water Consulting is an environmental and water treatment & consulting company focused on providing fresh healthy water to the consumers while protecting the environment.

Orbital Water Consulting combines science, and technology to provide the highest water quality possible to the consumers.


And working with federal regulatory agencies and or regulations established by the FDA, EPA, ANSI, NSF, ISO 9001, NELAC, & USP.

Our Water Purification Specialists Technicians offer the best service, with no pressure, hassle free, concise and very accurate quotes when needing a new equipment or a service.


Orbital Water Consulting is committed to protect the environment and water resources. Our technicians are committed to provide the best water quality using the best equipment technology, without negatively impacting the aquifers to avoid cross contamination and or direct contamination.

We Focus On Quality!

Complete Water Purification System

  • Water Softener

  • Iron/Sulfur Filters

  • Whole House Reverse Osmosis

  • Under the sink reverse osmosis system

  • Chemical Removal Filters

  • Shower Filters

  • Alkaline Drinking Water System

  • Water Analysis

  • Bacteria Water Sampling



Water Purification Specialist


Over 19 years or experience in water purification for residential, commercial & industrial. My personal and professional goal is to help you to have pure healthy water at a very affordable cost.