Professional Water Analysis

Our water analysis procedures focuses on the EPA and FDA requirements and regulations for human consumption and safeness. We offer surface water, ground water and municipal water analysis for the identification and characterization of chemicals, bacteria and/or detection any other contaminants that could be hazardous for human consumption.

The water chemistry analyses are carried out to identify and quantify the chemical components, minerals and properties of water samples. The water analysis intend to identify hazardous and poisoning to find the most accurate, reliable and safe method and/or water treatment technology to treat and purify the water for safe use and consumption. 

We offer water analysis for the following mineral and contaminants:

  1. Water hardness - calcium & magnesium

  2. Manganese

  3. Iron Fe++ & Fe+++

  4. Sulfur

  5. Nitrate & Nitrites

  6. Lead

  7. Flouride

  8. Chlorine & Chloramine

  9. Arsenic

  10. Polyfluoroalkyls

  11. Perfluoroalkyls